Zaida And Camilla

Many evenings, three year old Camilla waits by the door for daddy to come home.  But daddy isn’t coming home.  He’s in prison.  For now.

But some time soon, daddy WILL come home.  In the meantime, Zaida a young, first-time mom has to explain where daddy is and why.  She wants to encourage Camilla to have a relationship with her father.  And she wants Camilla's dad to be a good father.  It’s a tremendous challenge for any mother, and Zaida knows that Families in Crisis can help.

Zaida first met her Families in Crisis caseworker, Rosa, when she was pregnant with Camilla.  Rosa taught Zaida basic parenting skills, arranged for in-home therapy when Zaida experienced post-partum depression, and showed her how to manage to Camilla’s asthma attacks.  Zaida is particularly appreciative that Rosa taught her how to recognize what Camilla’s different cries meant, where to take the baby for routine health screenings, and most importantly, how to become self-reliant.

Zaida wants her daughter to have a relationship with her father and be comfortable with him when he comes home.  Through her participation in a Families in Crisis program, she has learned how to explain his absence in an age appropriate way.  She explains that daddy is in a long time-out because he didn’t listen to the police, she assures her that while he may not be perfect, that he’s trying, and she teaches Camilla what to say when people ask about daddy.  She shows Camilla’s father how to respond when Camilla is upset, how to discipline her effectively during jail visits, and explains that it may take time for their relationship to blossom.

In a moment of frank reflection, Zaida says she is not sure if Camilla's dad will turn his life around, but she proudly declares that “I will make a future for my daughter and me.”  With the help of Families in Crisis.