Visitation is important for offenders and their families.  When contact is maintained families remain involved in each others lives.  Visitation fosters reunification and contributes toward a prisoner's success upon release.  Connecticut's prisons are located throughout the state and most are not accessible by public transportation.  Families in Crisis transportation services are offered free of charge, and make it possible for families to visit.


 Specially trained and licensed drivers provide weekly van transportation services from Connecticut's urban centers to far away institutions.  The Agency uses a telephone reservation system for the convenience of riders.  Our families report this is one of the most important services we provide.

Special Events

While family life is often difficult, the holidays often bring their own challenges.  Separations are more difficult during the holidays, especially for children.  Families in Crisis offers special transportation trips around holidays to ensure families may be together.  Many times, Families in Crisis partners with correctional facilities to provide special events (ie. holiday parties) in order for families to celebrate together.