Family Visitation Fundraising Campaign


Help us keep children and their parents connected by raising $50,000

by October 30, 2016!

We are getting there - $37,777 so far!


Please help,

YOU can help us make the difference in the life of a child with an incarcerated parent, today and tomorrow!



Families are the fabric of a safe community, and positive family relations are an effective tool for release success, services that keep families connected are an important part of the fight to stop the cycle of crime. 

You can help keep this van on the road!

Recent funding cuts in the state budget eliminated funding for FIC to provide FREE transportation for children and their families to visit their loved ones in prison, as well as counseling and other family support services.

Children with incarcerated parents deserve the right to see their parents!

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by October 30, 2016!

Through the support of a number of private foundations and individual donors we have been able to raise $33,000 so far. This provides 8 months of operating expenses for the program and takes us through February 2017!

But we need your help to keep our families connected beyond February!

Please help us to ensure that children and families will have access to their loved ones in prison, BEYOND FEBRUARY 2017!

Contribute today to FIC's family support programs, today!

Did You Know - In Connecticut

Prisons are located in clusters in the corners of the state (Enfield, Niantic and Cheshire) while families of prisoners and where prisoners return to are in the largest cities (Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury and New London). 

Connecticut prisons are not regularly served by public transportation and the distance for some families makes it impossible to visit and maintain relationships with their loved one.

FIC provides a range of 700-800 rides per year.  Of these, approximately 60% began their journey from Hartford and 40% from New Haven.  


# total riders

# trips


450 - 500


New Haven

250 - 300


When offenders are arrested and go to prison, they are not the only ones affected – their families are too.