The stress on a child when a parent is imprisoned has been compared to divorce or the death of a parent.  Children have to deal with stigma, loss of financial support, the absence of a loving adult and other challenges.  Families in Crisis children’s programs such as Tomorrow’s Children, Nurturing Families and Arts Intervention address the emotional and social health of children who are at-risk due to the incarceration of a parent.

Tomorrow’s Children

A child-focused counseling program for children affected by incarceration of a parent. The program includes home-based counseling for families throughout the State. Families with children from one to eighteen who have a parent in prison are eligible for services.

Nurturing Families

A program for first time parents who may be at risk for child abuse and/or neglect and who reside in the greater Hartford area.  Families in Crisis workers conduct weekly home visits to promote the healthy development of babies and ensure they are school ready by the time they are 5.

Arts Intervention

A collaboration with the Judy Dworin Performance Project that uses art interventions to assist children to express their feelings about having a parent in prison, develop positive self esteem and form close partnerships with other children experiencing the same struggles.